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Carolina Bays; A Peek Into a Violent, Prehistoric World

No telling what compelled John Lawson and his gang to strip naked and wade through tangled underbrush and into the murky water, but we know with the benefit of three hundred years’ hindsight that if he’d moved north or south a bit, he might have avoided the unpleasant plunge altogether. The famed Lawson party, exploring … Continue reading

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The Pamunkey Indian Tribe and the United States Government; A Gesture Long Overdue

I’m departing this week from Abandoned Country‘s theme of disappearing history to comment on a significant event: the United States government has given preliminary approval for┬árecognition of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe of Virginia. They’re the first indigenous nation in Virginia to receive that acknowledgement. That’s very big news, and a departure of sorts because the … Continue reading

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Dorchester’s Disappearing Middens; A Last Link to the Ancients

Firehawk sidles his kayak up to the reedy bank and hops out, shells crunching underfoot. I would’ve never found this spot hidden among endless flats of phragmites, but he knows exactly where it is. He comes here occasionally, paying a sort of tribute to a migration his ancestors made countless times. It’s their trash we’ve … Continue reading

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The Pamunkey Indian Reservation Shad Hatchery; A Lesson in Conservation and Community

The April afternoon is hot–the first scorcher of the year–and I feel a sunburn rising as I stand on the dock at the Pamunkey Indian Reservation. That same heat tightening my skin has triggered some primal urge in the American shad swimming just offshore. Solar energy has warmed the water, commanded the fish to run … Continue reading

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The Gingaskin Indians and an African American Community Rich with Native Blood

Turn seaside at Eastville on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and you’ll be traveling on Indiantown Road. Most days this rural byway is lightly traveled. Traffic picks up just a hair when there’s some community activity–softball or basketball, for instance–at the Northampton County-run Indiantown Park at the end of the road. Of course, most folks stealing home … Continue reading

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