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The New River Gorge; A Natural Wonder, Take Two

Every October, tens of thousands of spectators show up in Fayetteville, West Virginia to watch several hundred brave souls leap from the 876-foot-high New River Gorge Bridge. Just as stunning as the parachutists’ courage on Bridge Day, however, is the scenery at the gorge. It’s breathtaking on the scale of the Grand Canyon. Lush forests line the … Continue reading

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Robert Frost; A Dismal Stab at Ending His Life

It’s not too often that a bona fide celebrity comes to town, and even rarer that one shows up to kill himself. In 1894, however, Robert Frost—yes, that Robert Frost, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet laureate who penned “The Road Not Taken”—arrived in Norfolk with the intention of walking into the Great Dismal Swamp and never … Continue reading

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The Enchanted Forest; A Dreamland Forsaken and Rescued

Mutton-chopped Ole King Cole still stands over the Enchanted Forest, beckoning passersby to stop. Those who accept his invitation, though, will find it a false gesture, the turreted castle locked tight, the fantasy land behind shrouded by tangled overgrowth. Today this piece of ground that brought joy to countless children languishes in the shadow of … Continue reading

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Nike Missile Batteries; Forgotten Sentinels of American Cities

They’re not much to look at. Pads of cracked concrete and rusted steel. Squat cinder block buildings that could pass for some 50s-era strip mall. Aged and rusty chain-link fences are usually involved, too. It takes a broad stretch of the imagination to believe that these forlorn compounds once guarded the U.S.’s major cities. The … Continue reading

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