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Fort Ritchie, Maryland and the Remnants of an Indispensable Allied Weapon

The farmers of west-central Maryland panicked when the German military spilled out of the woods. The invasion had begun. World War II was entering a new phase, or so they thought.┬áBut there was something different about these Nazis. Their uniforms didn’t fit right–too big or too small. The enemy soldiers spoke perfect American English. Their … Continue reading

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Vintage Base Ball; History Muffins Love

Would you know a dew drop if you saw one? What about a muckle? A daisy cutter? While your nineteenth century lingo might need some freshening up, odds are good the ballists of the Capitol Conference would have no trouble telling you that these throwback terms mean, respectively, a slow pitch, a power hitter, and … Continue reading

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Conscientious Objectors, Part II; Shedding Light on the Need for Reform

Caring for our neighbors who happen to be mentally ill is among society’s most challenging responsibilities. In fact, during World War II, the federal government deemed it “work of national importance.” Conscientious objectors–draftees who refused military service but were willing to offer themselves for peaceful endeavors–worked at 44 mental institutions around the country under the … Continue reading

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Conscientious Objectors, Part I; Work Fit to Make Pacifists Reconsider Corporal Punishment

In a grassy clearing on the forested grounds of Patapsco Valley State Park in suburban Baltimore are a couple stone staircase supports that go nowhere. Men once trudged down these steps on their way to a long day’s work. These steps–what’s left of them anyway–are among the few remaining monuments to thousands of men who … Continue reading

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Centralia, Pennsylvania; A Time Capsule Left Behind

Centralia, Pennsylvania is readying for its swan song. The cursed borough’s dramatic saga is coming to a close and media giants no longer come calling as they once did. But time’s approaching for an event that’ll be a measure of how deep a meaning the lost town has in the hearts of the people forced … Continue reading

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