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Deal Island, Maryland and Better Days Gone By

A news report I read recently quoted a local calling Deal Island, Maryland a dying community.┬áThat image was a potent siren call. I had no choice but to investigate, particularly since Deal Island is an icon of Bay culture, and losing it would be a significant blow to a 400-year-old heritage. Deal Island dangles mid-Bay … Continue reading

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Eastern Gold, Part II – Great Falls, Maryland and a Road Paved with Gold

No telling how many would-be immigrants to the United States actually believed the mantra that the streets of this prosperous land were paved with gold. What few people realize, however, is that there’s a spot just outside Washington D.C. where that spellbinding dream–a golden road–was literally the case. Maryland is the northern tip of a … Continue reading

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Eastern Gold, Part I–The Goodwin Gold Mine and Virginia’s Shining Past

If you had to guess the origin of the gold that adorns us, Virginia might be one of the last places that comes to mind. Fact is, however, there’s a chance–albeit a small one–your jewelry once resided deep in the bedrock of the Old Dominion. There were once hundreds of gold mines stretching from Maryland … Continue reading

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Reagan National Airport and the Mother of All Weeping Willows

The way Benson Lossing tells it, the Abingdon willow really got around. Well, the fruit of her loins did anyway. The remarkable tale of the promiscuous weeping willow of Abingdon Plantation isn’t as much the story of lost structures as it is forgotten lore. In fact, the scant remains of the plantation home on the … Continue reading

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